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Elemental Yellow Sulfur Powder 99% Purity 4 oz.

Elemental Yellow Sulfur Powder 99% Purity 4 oz.

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I use sulfur powder in many external treatments, such as for staph, hot spots, fungal issues and more. Because of the difficulty in finding small packages for making salves and other therapeutic applications, I am buying in bulk and rebatching into small sizes perfect for small batches, hooray!

Contains 4 ounces of 99% pure elemental yellow sulfur powder.

Sulfur FAQs:

  • How do I apply sulfur?  You can dust topically from tail to poll against the hair grain.  Avoid eyes/mouth.  For more info, see the infographic in the list of images.
  • How often do I treat?  For lice, dusting as often 3 times 3 days apart generally does the trick, or once weekly for two applications.  For mites, as often as 2x daily for 7 days, or until skin shows signs of healing and symptoms decrease.
  • Do I need to wash off the previous application of coconut oil/sulfur before applying another? There is no need to wash it off, but if there is still a thick layer intact, you may skip that application and wait until the next time.
  • Is there any milk withdrawal?  No, but wash the treated udder before milking to avoid any accidental impact on taste.
  • Is it safe to apply to young kids?  Yes!  It is my go-to for eradicating lice in young kids.  Just be extra cautious to avoid dusting in enclosed areas to avoid damage to their more delicate respiration, and avoid the head area completely.
  • Is sulfur safe to use?  Sulfur is one of the most abundant minerals in the body.  In this form, it is a fine powder, so be sure to apply in a well-ventilated area, avoiding eyes and mouth to protect respiratory systems against dust inhalation.
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Customer Reviews

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Dawn Trupiano
Mineral buffet

My goats have been so healthy and thriving since I put them on free choice minerals. I’ve especially noticed in their coats. So thick and shiny .10 out of 10 recommend

Loving the mineral buffet

I am amazed at how much of certain minerals my sheep and goats have consumed even though I had been giving them access to kelp, selenium salt, mineral conditioner, a mineral mix, raw apple cider vinegar, as well as salt and periodic Brazil nuts. The first 24 hours my 7 sheep and 3 goats ate a cup of selenium, a cup of potassium, a cup of phosphorous. They have reduced their consumption of those three minerals and picked up on other minerals in the last week or two. They continue to eat about a cup of kelp a day but they have cut back a bit on how much hay they are eating. I am loving the mineral buffet and I believe it will end up saving me money in the long run while giving my animals better health.

Michaele McCulley
Mineral Buffet

Great variety, minerals well marked and solid packaging.